Monday, March 15, 2010

Sorry for the Delay

So it has been sometime since I have posted anything on my blog and I ma quite disappointed in myself. So. . . Let's get you all up to date.

We hard our tryouts for the Pit Crew and it went really well for the the first year of having open auditions. I really had a say as to who was picked to be a part of the crew and then in the hiring of other individuals into our company. I am learning very quickly that they do value my opinion and expect for me to voice my opinion, and for the first time ever I sometimes find it hard to find things to say. I knew that I would have a large part into what happened in our department but I did not think that I would have this much input so fast.

As they week went by we had orientation and I got my first taste of being on "stadium time", it was a real treat. As my fellow employees tell me that I need to soak in this time of boredom, I really cannot wait for the days of running around doing errands and enjoying the summer outside. I know I will have my bad days but who can really complain about being outside everyday watching baseball.

The long hours will start this week with Pit Crew training and last week we saw our first sign of spring with some tulips and the snow melted season is only 24 days until season begins . . . .


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jumping in Head first

Today was my first time really getting "my feet wet". . . in all reality it felt like jumping in head first. We are currently getting around for our job fair this weekend and we needed to get some signage up a ready to go. To get familiar with illustrator and photoshop it was my duty today to create a new "up" arrow directional sign and work on getting our available job description boards changed and ready to go.

Who knew that making an up arrow could be so challenging. After sitting in the office for 1 hour by myself everyone else in my department came back from lunch and gave me a crash course in about 10 minutes. I felt a little defeated by photoshop today but will not give up.

But maybe I should get you up today. The Lugnuts are going through quite a bit of changes right now. On Monday we announced that the naming rights to our stadium have changed from "Oldsmobile Park" to "Cooley Law School Stadium". After experiencing my very first LIVE press conference, I learned first hand how much people really do not like change. Although I believe this is a great thing for the community I know it will take sometime for people to see that we will still keep our heritage and still be the same Lugnuts they love.

What do you guys think of the name change???


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marking a New Adventure

This whole blogging thing is very new to me and really I was quite lost when I first started. Trying to find a topic that I could write about a few times a week that I had that much passion for was harder than I thought.

After recently receiving the opportunity of my dreams to become a Marketing Intern for a local sports team, The Lansing Lugnuts, I decided this is what I will blog about. During the next 7 months I will take you through my experiences as they happen. The everyday in the office, working home games, away games, and most importantly the overall experience I will gain. As I will take these experiences along with me as building blocks to my future in sports marketing.

As I am reminded daily, by the lovely staff, this is the calm before the storm . . . only 45 days until opening day. GOOOOOOO NNUUUTTS!!!