Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marking a New Adventure

This whole blogging thing is very new to me and really I was quite lost when I first started. Trying to find a topic that I could write about a few times a week that I had that much passion for was harder than I thought.

After recently receiving the opportunity of my dreams to become a Marketing Intern for a local sports team, The Lansing Lugnuts, I decided this is what I will blog about. During the next 7 months I will take you through my experiences as they happen. The everyday in the office, working home games, away games, and most importantly the overall experience I will gain. As I will take these experiences along with me as building blocks to my future in sports marketing.

As I am reminded daily, by the lovely staff, this is the calm before the storm . . . only 45 days until opening day. GOOOOOOO NNUUUTTS!!!

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